Still beating

I thought I will quit writing this blog but now when it’s off season I thought again, and I’m not gonna quit this. I don’t know how I’m going to write during season… Lue loppuun

Leaving to USA tomorrow !

It came fast 😀 So I’m leaving from Finland to Charlotte playing disc golf World Championships. My 2nd time in open division and trying to make better result than last year. Last year… Lue loppuun

I played solid, BUT

That’s true story, I played well but my first round was waaaaaay too bad and made me out of the top 15. Last 5 weeks for me has been 2,5 weeks in bed,… Lue loppuun

Good, but is it enough ?

No it’s not ! Today everyone played so well that my round wasn’t anything. Will Schusterick played new course record 52 (11 under) what’s amazing ! My round was 61 again what is… Lue loppuun

Back in the game

After tough first round I made decision that I will get my focus back and believe and trust my game and I did it. I played easy game and didn’t make any stupid… Lue loppuun

I am sad and full of desire

I was looking for 60-63 today, but I got 69 what tells you a lot ! So I’m not gonna explaine here so much what was wrong with game because everything was wrong… Lue loppuun

Playing disc golf in paradise

This place is the real paradise ! Today was last practice day before my first Major of this season. I’m going to play steady game and enjoy my days. I played two rounds… Lue loppuun

European Major in Stockholm this week

Back in the game after snake bite and I’m sooo ready for it ! I have practiced a lot my game..I wanted to get my good game back as soon as possible after… Lue loppuun

Practicing, snake bite and mental game

After Copenhagen Open my next tournament was Tali Open..I was waiting for it and was super excited about it. I had all the time problems during the tournament. I didn’t know what’s that… Lue loppuun

Final day @ CPH Open

Yeah I came back home today from CPH Open and it was once again a great experience. I played 3rd round in lead card with Feldberg, Nybo, Meresmaa and Berglund. My round started… Lue loppuun

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