Practice day one @ Vista Del Camino

Okey this is my first article in English ! Yesterday i arrived to Phenix Arizona. Weather was about 100 fahrenheit warmer than in Finland right now ! We played one round at Vista Del Camino throwing few drives per hole. Usually two drives per hole and other of those drives i took birdie. I like course pretty much and you have to handle all angles here when you are driving. Putting feels great, i got a touch for approach shot and drive is especially better than ever i think ! Hole 17 is about 270 ft downhill hole..i played round with Jussi Meresmaa and Arttu Sikanen from Finland but on hole 17 there came 3 other player from States with us for last two holes. Before anyone threw Jussi said ”5 dollars for ace”? Yep that was fine for us 🙂 One of those guys from States throw pretty close of ace but not happened. Other guy said ”if you put your hands will be ace” then i said for Jussi ”i’ll make it now”. Then i threw perfectly straight shot with P2 and everybody put their hands up so you know what happened 😀 Straight to the middle of the basket and it felt great in the end of the round.

Hole 17 @ Vista

Then we drove to Fountain Hills for putting before we signed up to hotel. Also i saw some of those holes there and i think it is little more difficult course than Vista..we will see because i’m going to play there pretty soon one practice round with few drives per hole an other score round with one disc ! It will be cool and i’ll write again this evening. Avery is also coming to AZ today and he is in the same hotel room with me and Jussi.

So my 8th trip in US is going great..waiting for wednesday and start for tournament ! Stay tuned !

Seppo Paju