Second practice day @ Fountain Hills

Today was the second practice day for Memorial at Fountain Hills. We started the first round at morning after breakfast and warm-up. It was very calm at morning, but soon it got super windy..I think I haven’t never thrown in a wind like that. I like the course – it’s super challenging especially in wind and water is very close on each of those holes. I lost 4 discs on my first round, but soon I understood how I need to shoot those holes and I didn’t loose any disc on my second round. The game still feels really great, especially my drives.
I also met my friends today since they arrived to here today after the tournament in Vegas. Nikko Locastro, Cale Leiviska, Will Schusterick, Dave Feldberg, Nathan Doss, Valarie Jenkins and Avery Jenkins. It was pleasure to meet you all today and I hope the best luck for you for the tournament ! Avery is actually writing some article next to me right now and we played a round together with him, Val and Nate.

Photo by Jussi Meresmaa

I have tried some brand new Discmania stuff here and I already love the S-line PD2 Chaos and FD Jackal. Jackal a.k.a FD (fairway driver) is the best control driver I have never used. It’s super straight and when I’m putting a little force to it I can put perfectly natural hyzer on it and it goes super straight and glides forever. If I should play just with one would be FD.
So tomorrow it’s a last practice day and i’ll spend it at Vista Del Camino playing one disc round and keeping the score..trying to play close 50, maybe little under. Also make some putts tomorrow getting in to it again after windy day. Tomorrow is Fly Mart, where I will get some cool rare discs for sure ! 😀

Photo by Jussi Meresmaa

It’s one step closer again..i’m very exited !

Tomorrow, we’ll have pretty cool article at so you should stay tuned once again. Here is link for sites of Discmania:

Photo by Jussi Meresmaa

Seppo Paju