Ready for tomorrow !

So today i had just one way..and it was up. I feel better now and i can feel i’m getting in the game. I still had too many bad breaks there, but my shot is working how it should work. Problem is putting ! I made my 15 ft putts..of course some 20-25 ft putts but not any out side the circle !? My drive was today super good..threw almost every drive inside the circle or just over it but just missed all putts :/ In the end of round i took few birdies just because i parked those holes. Here you can check results. It’s pretty sick how well are Will, Dave and Paul playing. Paul is leading and he has 1107 and 1091 rated rounds !


Paul McBeth, Will Schusterick, Paul Ulibarri and other young stars from states are players what i wanna be. I need more confidence, more skills and more practice. It takes still some time..but i know i can be as good as those guys.

Tomorrow is 3rd round at Vista Del Camino and i’m really waiting for tomorrow ! I feel great now ! How your round ends is pretty important thing i think. I parked 3 out of 5 last holes and it made me feel better. Tomorrow i’m playing good round and i’m ready for it !

Here is one of my idols too !

Excited Seppo Paju