Step by step

Now i feel little better again. I don’t have any problems in any part of my game anymore. I made some putts even it was windy, had some cool up-shots and made some pretty cool acurrated drives. If i take bogey, i see right after shot that it was stupid  shot or something. Just have to think a little more..take my time and make the shot ! I can still make it away better, but i’m happy i made the best round from european players with KJ. It was once again windy all my round and it made putting pretty difficult.

It’s last round of the tournament tomorrow ! I’m gonna play smart and make really good score. Even this has not be my best tournament and i had one really bad round there..i don’t wanna play risk tomorrow. I want to make clear and good round and get a good feel for next tournaments.

I don’t take panic because this is still First Of The Year  !

Clear round tomorrow..i’m ready for it and ready for my season !

Seppo Paju