Disc golf clothing

When we are going to play disc golf..we wear some old and beat up clothes which has not matter. It doesn’t give so good first impression of the sport when other people see that. Disc golf should be a real sport and it’s getting bigger and more popular all the time. In my opinion..we should wear something cool and clothes which looks sporty. I think anyone in any other sport plays with jeans ? tell me if i’m wrong. please 🙂 Jeans, dyed t-shirts and old clothes has been part of this sport long time. Is not any reason to use that style anymore 🙂

Here is some of the coolest looking disc golfers.

Paul Ulibarri

Paul McBeth

Catrina Allen

Avery Jenkins










If we wear like athletes..we are like athletes and some day other people see us like athletes. Remember that i’m talking now just about wearing and how it affects our sport. Is so many other things also but i can write more about those little later. I just want to say..if you play with jeans or other not so athlete clothes. It’s not matter because it is part of our sport and many players do that. I just wrote that post because i would like to change it.


Throwing with jeans is not bad thing..and i think the reason for those are just the culture of disc golf. We all have played with jeans and band t-shirts and it’s part of this sport. It’s part of old culture for me and now is time for new generation and culture. I hope you all are with me ! 🙂

I appreciate that you read this post it means a lot for me. I also like if you change you jeans to wind pants. Thank you !

Ragna Bygde