Practice day @ Rotterdam

Ok, we arrived to Holland yesterday but first time ever our bags didn’t. Luckily we got them today ! I played 27 holes and part of holes twice. It’s most difficult course i have ever played. It’s always windy out there what makes it more difficult. I like challenge and course is same for all of us. Lots of water and will be hard 😀 My game feels pretty good and I’m playing pretty safe first round tomorrow. Seriously I think no one is gonna play more than 3 under par. Three under par is here very very good ! I have my own game plan and I’m playing with it all this tournament. 

I really can’t wait to see top scores tomorrow after first could be what ever 😀 between +5 and -5 I think. I’m going for few under. I don’t wanna lose anything on first round and I just wanna get good feel and don’t do anything stupid. 

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.



I found one funny picture..playing this course feels pretty much like this xD 



Lets see what happens tomorrow !