Wind, water, wood and disc golf

It was first day of the first EuroTour this year. Morning was cold and some breakfast and drove to ”course”. I made a lot of warm up putts and of course some drives and approaches. Throw was feeling smooth and putting was great. Like I said yesterday..i’m going to play pretty easy and safe game. That’s what i did. I didn’t do anything stupid and I got a lot of pars. It was what I was looking for 🙂

First round I played 58 (par) and got 6th place. Scores were betters than I thought but I didn’t care..I had my game plan and played with it my next round too. 

Second round was one step more windy than first one. It was SICK ! 😀 I threw low shots and hard putts. Played very safe game on open holes. I was happy because I had so good game plan and I knew all the time what I’m doing. So my second round score was 59 and it was better than first round in my opinion..we played little more difficult holes I think and it was more windy. I’m in the leader group tomorrow and still playing with my game plan..Tobias Ostling is leading with 2 strokes and me with 4 strokes. 

I’m waiting for tomorrow and enjoying about playing in leader group it’s always awesome ! 

Let’s do it !