What I throw and why ?!

Many people ask me what discs I like to throw so now i did post of my discs and why I throw them.

First things first

I’m Team Discmania player so my bag is full of Discmania stuff..if nothing special doesn’t happen. I also try to keep my bag as simple as possible. I mean that i try to use one disc for many different things.


Grip Equipment is sponsoring me with their awesome bag. It carrys 20 + discs for me, rain jacket, a lot of water, minis, sports tape, bananas and some extra stuff.

Grip EQ












D-line Maniac

I used to putt with P2 Psycho when I used push putt. I changed my putting style in winter to spin putt. It works way better in wind and feels very good. I also changed my putter to P1 D-line Maniac what is very straight and low model putter.

P2 Psycho





For throwing approaches and short drives is use P2 Psycho. I have both plastics of it (D-line and S-line) which both works perfectly for me and it’s one of my favorite discs. Usually i have 3 different D-lines with 3 different stabilitys. One straight, one slightly under stable (most used) and one very under stable. Then I have one S-line what works for hyzers and headwind shots. Super confidential disc !

Mid-Range is very cool disc I think. I like to throw ultra straight shots and nice slow curves. One of my favorite shots also is huge and high unhyzer. My main mid-range is MD2. I also carry GM Gremlin or SG-line MD1 for head wind shots and hyzers when i really don’t wanna go right. I have different MD2’s. One under stable (my second md2 ever), one straight C-line (my first md2 ever!) and one brand new what is just slightly over stable.

S-lin MD2

C-line MD2








Driving has always been my best part in this game. I can make accurate shots with great distance. When I want to make accurate control shot middle of fairway I choose one of my PD’s for sure. PD is disc what i know very well. I have 4 different PD’s in my bag from under stable to over stable. Two S-lines and other of those is under stable driver and other one is one of my main discs in my bag..my straight PD. Now i use more C-line’s and i have 2 of those in my bag. Pretty similar flying C-lines and other one is kinda back up.

C-line PD

S-line PD Freak








My new disc in my bag is FD Jackal. It’s flying with ultra smooth lines and for me it works for low line drives, tail wind drives, short flicks, hyzers, un hyzers and straight shots inside 330 ft..after that i’ll trust my PD’s. It’s also great ”get out of the troubles disc”. If you don’t have so much space or you have difficult stance. You want to choose straight flying disc what doesn’t need so much power for flying. It glides better than any driver what I have tested. S-line is little more under stable than C-line and for me S-line works better. Great disc !

My choose is S-line



Sometimes I use Firebird if it’s very windy or there is just some hole where I need it.







It’s always nice to see when disc flies far..that’s why i love my distance drivers !

I have just one different super fast driver in my bag..and it’s PD2. I have all plastics of it. P-line is my longest flying disc. It’s slightly beat up and turns over nicely and glides forever. When it’s open field and I just need to throw it far..P-line PD2 Chaos is my choose.

C-line is just for sidearms. I have flat ones and those feels best in my hand for sidearms and also flies far !

S-line is my main driver in my bag. It’s overtable so I can trust it perfectly. When it’s beat up it will be your favorite disc. It flies very far but it’s still very confidential. I also use this for sidearms when I wanna throw big hyzer or I definitely wanna stay on fairway and don’t wanna take any risk.

P-line Chaos

C-line Chaos







Tilaa S-line PD2 Discmania.fi:stä







So that’s my bag and what is inside of it. If you still have anything to ask..please do it 🙂 ! Thank you !