Turn the negative to positive ?

I’ve got sooo many questions. What I throw, how I throw, why I throw, how I win… I also love to answer to questions. Now I’m talking about the big key for getting great round. If I’m happy, I feel great and every bad thing turns good thing..then I will play a great round. Last day @ Finnish Championships I was three shots behind the leader. Last evening before final day I was thinking everything and I thought ”Tomorrow I’m going to play in leader card and I really wanna enjoy of my time”. I wrote in my blog like ”tomorrow I’ll take it”. This all happened just because I knew what it needs if I want to win and the best way to make it. I played highest rated round of the tournament and won Finnish Champion with two strokes. Leave many of my idols behind me and this round and tournament is just one of many. When I wake up and I’m happy all day long..I just can enjoy and look at the top of the score board.

I think it works for everyone. If you are mad during the round I’m sure you don’t win anything..you just get more bad feel and bad score. Next time when you feel bad after bad shot and you wanna kick your bag..don’t do it. Get your marker up and move on. Next hole and try to make next shot as well as you ever can. Shot by shot and you are getting up on score board ! 🙂

My next stop is Copenhagen Open. It’s one of my favorite tournaments. Great course, great players and great organization. I want to enjoy of my time right there, I also want to play well and I want that all other people also has great time with me. I don’t wanna get mad I just wanna turn all negative to positive 🙂

Chris Rene – Young Homie is one of my favorite tracks ! love it !

Here is also one of my favorite holes @ my home course Lauste Disc Golf Park.Image

Discmania is supporting me all the time and it’s a big help for me..I’m proud of my place because I can be part of something awesome like this ! ”Why we did this..to inspire..we want to inspire people to reinvent their game..that’s why we did it” – Owner of Discmania Jussi Meresmaa and Deep In The Game Trailer !