Copenhagen Open starts tomorrow..I’m ready !

So today we came to Copenhagen..and played one practice round (27 holes) with my Team mate Leo Piironen and owner of the company Jussi Meresmaa. I knew that there is some changes with the course because of nine new holes and almost all old holes too had change. We didn’t like so much of those changes but here is some good spirit what makes me feel good and game works well..even if I don’t like some holes. I’ll throw a lot of sidearms and 9 of 27 holes with s-line PD2 so that’s my main disc here for sure.

I’m going to play kind of safe game on first round, don’t wanna do any stupid shots and just try to make round what gives great feel and confidence for next rounds. I can only lose something on first round. A lot of long holes and also some tighter wooded holes. I really like them both kind of holes. Best players from Europe and one of the best player in the world is coming here what makes this tournament really exciting and I just want to enjoy whole this tournament and of course play great disc golf. If I make some bad shots..who cares..everyone does. It’s just who can handle those bad times well and turn the negative to positive. I wanna do that and it’s gonna get me up on the score board.

I have got so much readers in my blog what makes me happy and it’s nice to see that I have very big part of all readers from States or other country. I want to thank you all ! I hope you all like my blog and I absolutely will write here as long as I have this much people who reads my posts.


Here is my proto type Discmania Snapback what I hope we got in the stores as soon as possible.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow..waiting for positive round 🙂