Final day @ CPH Open

Yeah I came back home today from CPH Open and it was once again a great experience. I played 3rd round in lead card with Feldberg, Nybo, Meresmaa and Berglund. My round started well with some birdies, but soon I just didn’t got any birdies. I played few pars and one bogey before I started play well. I ended my round again pretty well with 4 birdies on last 6 holes. Third last hole I had an eagle putt from 4 meters (13 ft) and little bit right side of the pole and came out…sad :/. Parked next hole and got 59 (-5) what wasn’t so good but after bad break it was solid and I just dropped one place because of Sandstöm played best score of the weekend 51 what is 14 under.


Everyone in front of me are great players and I can be pretty happy of my score. Most happy thing of the weekend for me was what I did when I had bad breaks. Of course i didn’t feel great when I got bogey or other bad mind get down and I had really bad feel. Last year I couldn’t get that bad feel off and usually I had that bad feel whole round. This year on next tee pad after bad hole..I think a little I take my time and make that shot as well as I can and I’m back in a truck. That’s why I play pretty often great last holes even if I haven’t play so great round. It’s just all in your head and how you handle every different situations. If you throw bad shot..don’t lose that thing from your head that everyone throws bad shots. Just play with your game plan and simply you just can’t play bad round. But if you got that bad round..don’t lose again that thing from your head that you can still get in to it and play great !

Discmania wants to help you and they are going Deep In The Game. Avery and Jussi also want’s to help you getting in to this sport and one part of Deep In The Game tells you about mental game and how to play in the pressure. Here is first Episode what came out today  and tells about putting !


I also have a new look in the Blog..tell me what do you like about it ? Thanks everyone !