Practicing, snake bite and mental game

After Copenhagen Open my next tournament was Tali Open..I was waiting for it and was super excited about it. I had all the time problems during the tournament. I didn’t know what’s that all about and why I just miss all drives I made. After tournament I thought that I have practiced a lot with my PD2’s and actually not at all with my PD’s, FD’s or TD’s. Holes at Tali are tight wooded holes usually 300+ ft. Of course I threw with my PD but I couldn’t make my drives on a fairway. But it wasn’t all about that I hadn’t practice my fairway drivers. My mental game was bad also. When I threw bad shot..I couldn’t ever come up and play a great round. I just had all things running on my mind and I couldn’t handle that situation. So I finished 12th and was super disappointed about it. Day after Tali Open I have practiced every single day but one day when we were at our cottage. I have done my personal records on few lay outs, took tome tasty sudden death wins of weeklies and got a lot of confidence to my game again. 

Last time when I was practicing I had bad accident :/ I was playing alone and I was just playing my personal best when snake bit my ankle and I went to hospital over night. They put me to drip and took blood tests and checked my blood pressure every other hour. At morning everything looked pretty good and they let me to home. Now I have lied in bed for 4 days and basically..I can’t move :/ They told me that I’m getting alright in week or little more..damn I don’t like those vipers ! 😀 

I’m still practicing even I’m lying in ??? I have been in bed now about 80 hours, 30 of those I have slept and 50 of those I have watched disc golf videos. All holes I have thought what disc I would throw there and how. I believe that I learn a lot and it’s fun 🙂 

Discmania came out today with new Deep In The Game Episode called ”Mental Game”’s a great video for this sport and for players who really wanna get their game better. 

My next tournament is Sula Open in Norway and I’ll meet my good friends there including my American team mate Avery Jenkins ! See you soon guys !!!!