European Major in Stockholm this week

Back in the game after snake bite and I’m sooo ready for it ! I have practiced a lot my game..I wanted to get my good game back as soon as possible after when I was ready to play again, and now my scores are again very good. I feel very good and I believe that I will play well and get the spot to USDGC. Stockholm Open has been one of my favorite tournaments and I really like that place. It’s beautiful, great course, great tournament and everything is perfect ! Course is little bit different than other years but I think it’s better.

I’m going there tomorrow morning to play two rounds with many drives and approaches so I can see the best ways to play those holes. Then I have one more practice round at wednesday when I will play one or two tournament simulator rounds with one disc on every hole. Course’s par is 63, one par 5, eight par 4’s, eight par 3’s and one par 2. Lot of birdie opportunities and as many bogie opportunities. I’m going to play with my game plan, some smart disc golf and put my name in the top of the score board !


The island hole at Järva Disc Golf park




Seppo Paju