Back in the game

After tough first round I made decision that I will get my focus back and believe and trust my game and I did it. I played easy game and didn’t make any stupid shots..basically I just had focus on every shot I made, so I couldn’t play bad round (played 61). Tomorrow I will do the same thing and take couple of more birdies. It’s gonna be rainy and windy tomorrow what I like, so I can make pretty good climb on score board. Today I came from 97th to 32nd what is good but I’ll play my self in top 20 probably top 15. I have ambition in my blood right now and I’ll play this tournament well !!! Promises


I want to feel like I’m on the top of the world and I will make my best and do everything I’ll feel it !!!




Tomorrow when I’m writing blog I will be happy to say that I played well..let’s do this !!!