I played solid, BUT

That’s true story, I played well but my first round was waaaaaay too bad and made me out of the top 15. Last 5 weeks for me has been 2,5 weeks in bed, 2 weeks practicing (1 week of it with 50% power) and half week playing tournament. Even my first round was so bad I played my self on place 20. 

I’m happy I didn’t gave up and I played all last three rounds as well as I can. But still I have that 1st round in my scores and it gets me back in the ground. Before the Worlds I will practice a lot ! Not just throwing, I’ll also run with my brother and get better health before I’m leaving. Better health gives better focusing and more energy for rounds. My focus on first round was so bad that just throwing discs doesn’t help that thing at all ! 

I’m going to play very good tournament to USA and I’ll feel proud to come back. 


”I’m a machine, couple screws loose but I’m running smoothly
Know what I mean, got an upgrade, now I’m more unruly
I’m hard to swallow but a spoonful of sugar
might make it go down more easily”


I believe my self right now. Put your money on me ! Let’s gooooooo !!!