Leaving to USA tomorrow !

It came fast 😀 So I’m leaving from Finland to Charlotte playing disc golf World Championships. My 2nd time in open division and trying to make better result than last year. Last year I was 32nd what was pretty good for me. This year all three courses we will play are in woods. A lot of tide wooded holes what I like ! 

I’m flying tomorrow and will land to Charlotte tomorrow 3:30 pm. I’m staying the practice week in Ricky Wysocki’s home and it’s a big help for me so thank you Ricky and his family ! Ricky picks me up from airport and practice starts ASAP.

It’s gonna be warm out there and that will be a little harm because I haven’t accustomed to that warm conditions. I just need to drink a lot and try to be in shadow as much as possible. Weather forecasts also show that the coming would be a lot of thunderstorms ! It will be interesting two weeks in Charlotte 😀



I will enjoy of my time there and I will play a great tournament don’t care about weathers it’s just all about how well I prepare for bad weathers so it’s not gonna be obstacle.

5 key points for great round:

Take a good warm up (jog, drive, putt..)

Relax before your round 

-Use your strengths

-Make safe choices

Don’t care if you make bad shot, just go with it !


I will play with these key points and it’s gonna be so much fun ! Next time I will write blog in Charlotte in Ricky’s place. Let’s go !