Still beating

I thought I will quit writing this blog but now when it’s off season I thought again, and I’m not gonna quit this. I don’t know how I’m going to write during season but now I have lot of time to write things up. So let’s roll. 

This season will be way different than last seasons. I will go to army in July and I don’t really know how I will be able to play tournaments. Probably not able to play any tournaments in other counties but Finland. 

Tournaments what I have planned to play:

  • Dutch Open
  • Copenhagen Open
  • Stockholm Open
  • Turku Open
  • European Open
  • + smaller tournaments

Here’s still tournaments to write blog posts but feels weird to have so short list of tournaments in schedule. There will be also President’s Cup (Europe vs. USA) what’s absolutely one of my top goals for this season. I wan’t to get my spot in the team Europe and be part of that awesome event. I believe that Europe will have competitive team this year.

I guess Team Europe will be like:

  • Simon Lizotte
  • Karl Johan Nybo
  • Seppo Paju
  • Arttu Sikanen
  • Leo Piironen
  • Jalle Stoor

What I think Team USA will be:

  • Will Schusterick
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Paul McBeth
  • Dave Feldberg
  • Nate Doss
  • Cale Leiviska 


Bigger & Better things

Lot of you already know but one more time, I am not in team discmania anymore. My years in discmania were best time of my disc golf career and it was totally pleasure to be part of that awesome team. I have one bigger sponsor thing going on right now but I’m not gonna write about that yet. My new supporter is Powergrip. Check out the web site! 


Now I’m also able to use all discs I want and people have been asking me that why I don’t do ”In the bag” video. Maybe one day I will but here is what I throw:


PD2, Destroyer, PD, Tracker, FD, Firebird


MD2, Hornet, Super Stingray


P2 & Zone



Comment questions I will answer! 🙂