Solid game

Waking up and sun is not anything better ! So I had a great feel and I felt that today is game day. We drove to course, got some warm up and… Lue loppuun

Copenhagen Open starts tomorrow..I’m ready !

So today we came to Copenhagen..and played one practice round (27 holes) with my Team mate Leo Piironen and owner of the company Jussi Meresmaa. I knew that there is some changes with… Lue loppuun

Turn the negative to positive ?

I’ve got sooo many questions. What I throw, how I throw, why I throw, how I win… I also love to answer to questions. Now I’m talking about the big key for getting great… Lue loppuun

What I throw and why ?!

Many people ask me what discs I like to throw so now i did post of my discs and why I throw them. First things first I’m Team Discmania player so my bag… Lue loppuun

Got a smile on my face

Dutch Open 2012 is over now. It was great weekend for me and my brother who was caddying me. I had good practice round and made really good game plan for tournament. I… Lue loppuun

Wind, water, wood and disc golf

It was first day of the first EuroTour this year. Morning was cold and some breakfast and drove to ”course”. I made a lot of warm up putts and of course some… Lue loppuun

Practice day @ Rotterdam

Ok, we arrived to Holland yesterday but first time ever our bags didn’t. Luckily we got them today ! I played 27 holes and part of holes twice. It’s most difficult course i… Lue loppuun

Dutch Open

I’m leaving to Holland tomorrow playing Dutch Open. It’s my first PDGA tournament in Europe this year. It feels really great to play disc golf again in warm weather and i’m so excited… Lue loppuun

Disc golf clothing

When we are going to play disc golf..we wear some old and beat up clothes which has not matter. It doesn’t give so good first impression of the sport when other people see… Lue loppuun

Step by step

Now i feel little better again. I don’t have any problems in any part of my game anymore. I made some putts even it was windy, had some cool up-shots and made some… Lue loppuun

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