Not good

It was really tough day today..and i feel really bad right now. My game rutin is not even close of my skills level. I just don’t feel great now :/ But i’m not afraid about next tournaments because this is still the first tournament after my off season. My game felt so much better when i was practicing and my putt felt very good. Today i did like 5 very easy miss putts from 15 ft !? But i also had great and cool shots here and there but i have to get it better !

Even i played really bad round today, i believe i can still make pretty good tournament. It was just one round out of thousands i’ll play and i can’t get it of anymore. I’m focused to my next shot on hole one at Fountain Hills where we’ll play tomorrow. Today my focus wasn’t in my next shot and you can see result !

Driving @ Fountain Hills

I’ll make it better tomorrow 🙂

Seppo Paju